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Sunday, 10 March 2013 15:39

A Filtration Story part II

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Welcome back!  Last time we talked briefly about the efficiency of full flow oil filters, today I would like to talk about the other side of the filtration issue, flow.  The filtration issue is often a balance, at least when it comes to the full flow filter on you car or truck.  While it is important for the oil filter to filter out particles from the oil, it is even more important that the filter let oil flow through it, otherwise the engine would become starved for oil, and would fail in short order.


The engine has its own way of getting around the issue of a plugged filter, it is called a by-pass valve, which basically opens if the oil pressure gets to high, and allows the oil to by-pass the oil filter.  This ensures that the oil gets the oil flow it needs, but now the oil is not getting filtered at all.  While this prevents an engine oil starvation issue, you can see how it certainly would not be ideal.

To get the most out of this balance, being able to filter out small particles, while maintaining flow, we look to the filtration media.  The synthetic media allows for this, by having smaller openings, but more of them.  The synthetic nanofibers also allow oil to flow easier in cold temperatures, preventing engine wear during warm-up periods. The AMSOIL Ea oil filters contain the synthetic nanofibers that allow for the best flow, best filtration, and have much greater capacity, allowing for extended oil drains.



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