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Improve Fuel Economy In Four-Wheel Drive Vehicles

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Four-wheel drive vehicles often receive poor fuel efficiency. Four Wheeler Editorial Director Douglas McColloch offers the following tips for increasing fuel efficiency in four-wheel drive vehicles:

1) After installing bigger tires, regear the axles to ensure optimal engine rpm at cruising speeds. The speedometer should also be recalibrated.

2) If running a three-speed transmission, consider an overdrive unit. A manual transmission also provides an increase in fuel efficiency.

3) Ensure the engine and fuel-delivery system are tuned. Improper carb jetting, clogged injectors and filters, improperly gapped spark plugs and worn out 02 sensors can all decrease fuel economy.

4) Install freer-flowing aftermarket air filter and exhaust components that improve intake and exhaust flow.

5) Use synthetic lubricants for reduced wear, better viscosity retention and longer service intervals.

6) Keep tires properly inflated and wheels aligned.

7) Install an electric cooling fan to replace the stock beltdriven fan.

8) Shed excess weight such as lightbars, nerf bars, side steps, jerrycans, auxiliary lights and storage boxes during the winter months.

9) Turn off the A/C when it is unnecessary.

10) Avoid short trips, jackrabbit starts and too-high (or too-low) revving.

Saturday, October 21, 2017